Poster design: Ying-Xuan Lai

Should Taiwan's Economy Degrow?


Since the onset of the pandemic, the concept of degrowth has experienced a steady rise in popularity. But what does it mean for an economy to degrow? This talk will present the concept of degrowth and its implications in terms of economic organisation. Timothée Parrique will retrace the history of that controversial idea and discuss where it fits in today’s ideological landscape. The talk will clarify common misunderstandings around the term, often associated with recession, austerity, asceticism, and authoritarianism. It will also ponder on important questions concerning the economics of degrowth: Is degrowth compatible with capitalism? Does degrowth mean the end of innovation? Can we eradicate poverty, reduce inequality, and create jobs without growth? Is economic growth necessary to maintain or improve wellbeing?


Timothée Parrique is a researcher at the School of Economics in Lund University, Sweden. Titled “The political economy of degrowth” (2019), his PhD dissertation explores the economic implications of degrowth. Tim is the author of “Ralentir ou périr. L’économie de la décroissance” (2022) and the lead author of Decoupling debunked(2019). He blogs at and tweets at @timparrique.

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